LFT- Level 89 HappyGilmoore Gold1 to high platinum/sapphire

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Language: English
Time Zone: Central
Played time: a year or two
Age Range: 32
Elite Account?: yup
Dragon Roster Includes: Leos/grogg, avyx/Oksana maxed working on sahmar now
Highest Lineage Dragon: Legendary Gold

About: Looking for a badass team to kick ass with in a higher league I’m a excellent defender andalway help all teammates I’ve been officer in a few teams by vote of the teams. Attack 4.57M Defense 1.41M not boosted.

UnfazeD is rated gold 1 and we’re heading to Platinum, check us out and send me an email in game or apply

Thanks for the offer but I’ve been on 2-3 teams that were “going to platinum” that didn’t quite make it or made it then fell apart I really appreciate the offer I just got one from BackDownNever Plat 2 I’ll be taking


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You as well and good luck thanks again!

DeathsShadows Plat3. Check us out

KittyNSausage is a Plat 4 team but is about to go to Plat 3 when the timer resets. We are a great bunch of people. You would meet our minimum level! :blush:


Hi there. We are in platinum IV and looking for active people who work hard in events and wars. Come and check us out. :blush:

Does it mean that this request has been resolved?

Nah Orca it’s always good to keep my options open in case I don’t fit in with my new team!

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We’re in platinum. Come join up! TheSeekers

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