LFT/LFM Ancienttigers - Gold 2 - Seeking Merger

Hi all!

We are looking for a team who is interested in merging. Our team is currently in Gold II. We have been doing pretty well however, there has been an increase of inactive players in our team. Our hope is to find another team who shared the same goals with us by moving up to the higher league. Our team consist of a balance group between mid-high level players. We are looking for team who are willing to merge with us.

Our ideal match would be a team that is interested and engaged in the game, enjoys chatting with their teammate and lastly, has to be active to participate in wars and events. We value activeness in the game over the level of players.

Please send me a PM if you would like to discuss the possibility of a merger between our team and go over more details. Thanks!

I think this is meaningless, as one can find out your team name just by shooting a (random) pm in-game.
Furthermore, this defeats the purpose of recruitment thread IMO…

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Hmmm… True

Hey there , we have a full team and are in plat4 but are looking for a merger to get our activity back to where it was and work our way back to sapphire and beyond.
Look us up if you like or message the bossman his ign is Shardburner.


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