LFT - Long Time Player, First Time Caller

Language: English
Time Zone: EST
Played Time: Almost Daily
Age Range: Adult
Elite Account: Regular & Atlas
Dragon Roster Includes: Cav, Quasor and eventually Xul
Highest Lineage Dragon: Verdant Mythic next Breed Event (hit final individual prize with 250 more shards to hatch 🤦🏼)

About: My main will be looking for a new home after the next PvP event as I will have less time for the game and my enthusiasm for the daily grind has waned. What I’m looking for in a team is:

  1. No quest requirements as I want to be able to go away on weekends and not worry that I got only 2-3 of 5 quests.

  2. Ability to play freely in Atlas

  3. Ideally a team that reaches 8/8 team prizes but I realize items 1&2 may preclude me from being eligible for most teams that achieve this

Overall I’ve reached the point that if the game isn’t fun again and just a job then I’m doing something wrong.

Thank You!


Come over to TheLongRoad, we are chill here!

You could try WildAsPhoenix or Creators. Both are really excellent teams! They’re pretty relaxed, but they do achieve stuff in events :partying_face::tada:

Apply at dragonsofold

No longer there. They were a very, very relaxed team.

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Appreciate the options, I’ll reach out to folks over the weekend and see where my new home will be after event.

You can try RunningNaked. We do ask for 3 quests per event, but we understand when it doesn’t happen. Our members can vouch for that.

We don’t get 8/8/+5/5. That doesn’t really happen on teams where there’s no hard requirements, as you’ve said so yourself.