LFT – Looking for a team~

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Hello are you looking for any league in particular?

Something that might help you out is if you let people know a few critical pieces of info in your post. Also, try to follow the recruitment format with your title and content:

The above format helps a lot for prospective teams, you could also include critical info like:
What time zone/country are you in?
What tier are your accounts in? (Garnet, emerald?)
Who do you have in your roster(s)?
Which league are you looking to be in?

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Good afternoon, we are a new team with very experienced people. We are in bronze league but our goal is to climb to platinum at least. If you want to join our team, it’s called Cidium.
Everyone is welcome while they are active and want to win wars and raise levels all together.


DarkChoices is looking for people like you!!! We have atlas and require participation in that in order to grow together. Events and wars are also mandatory as usual! Trust me, we’re a good choice! :grin: Just hit apply and ill get u in!


R3b3lDragons would love to have you we’re moving to platinum next week my line Id is cammy81565

I don’t mean to block but what league is your team in? My friends and I are also considering a new team. I’m a 102 plat drags, my friends are 10 plat drags, 88 gold, 9ish gold. We are currently in Platinum team and we are very active.


Right now we’re in gold 1 angry friggs were scheduled to move up next week have some alts we can replace

Contact donkey punch. We are in plat 1
Team Hellfirecrows

Thanks for asking! We are in Plat 4 right now and soon to move into Plat 3. We’re on a roll with all the new people joining and we’d love for you to jump on in and join!

Hi killerfrost,

We are looking for great players as like you. We are very active and always get top 5 ranking in event. Please PM me if you like to join us. My team name is Ancientblood. Thanks

Hi. We are looking for new members. Team name is RefOrged. Sapphire team.

In game name is MJxXHammert1me

This is KillerFrost… I’ve found a team now, thank you all for the invites. :heart:
Happy hunting and happy holidays. :wink:



Hello. XDragonsCreedX is looking to replace a few ppl leaving for atlas. We really don’t like the look of atlas. We’re an experienced team and expect the usual from players. Wars, events, etc. Our team chats, has fun, has line chat. We’re in plat 1 right now. Send a note if still looking, interested. Happy gaming, Cham

How many friends do you have? We are looking for a few players to replace a few sometimers that wont communicate misses for wars…we are a very active team in Platinum 4.

Hi HarleyQuinn, Kaaaaat here, teied to drop you a note in the forum.

I already found a team which I am happy at. I hope you and your team work things out. Good luck

In other words… You cant have her! She’s ours now muahahahaha :mage:‍♂

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ImmortalEmpire, check us out. Moving to Plat next week.