LFT – Looking for chilled team to settle in

Hey guys. Looking for a team. For my two accounts.
Level 91 and 47.
Looking for platinum 3-1 or an active gold team. Not bothered what league.
I’m in UK.
Got elite on my mini.
Got gold dragons on my main and have Ettin on my mini.
No 18+ teams thanks.
Need a calm atmosphere.
IGN is Nyzchaleft and NyzchaleftTwo

I am confused…

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I’m leaving but don’t want my accounts to die because chances are I’ll get bored while waiting to go to school.

So you’re quitting…but probably not?


So confusing lol…are you going to keep up with wars? Events? How active will you be?

And who is going to be utilizing these accounts? We have room on our team (P2) but not for an account that’s just going to sit there…(and no, we don’t want to take your accounts over…I’ve seen too much drama unfold that route…)

Yeah but I’ll be active doing Wars and events as such but won’t play nearly as much. I’m just sick of the negative community to be quite honest. If I block someone in game will it block them on forums too?

So Red was right - you’re quitting but not quitting.

Bet you are young but a little old, tall but a little short, stocky but a little thin too.


Idk, message an officer. I’m in coldbrewcrew…they’ll decide.

Stop it ya ! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

This is exactly why I’m quitting for real. Good community you got going here :joy:

Dude. You said you quit, but really you mean you’ll still log in every day and do events too? So really you mean you’re … not quitting. Right?


Well then…just forums being forums again #weird.


Yeah community, stop being like this! If he says he quit, he quit.

But nothing more than that, ok?!


This is peak War Dragons Forum


See that game is so addictive that even the quitters play actively :joy::joy::joy::joy:


You’re quitting cause you need to rebuild your life, yet you’re looking for a team for your two accounts, and are gonna be active in wars and events.

Hmm… Have some consistency.


Attention seeker much? :roll_eyes:

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Hello😊 After reading your post I’d like to encourage you to check out my team LegacyofShadow. The leader and his wife started this team and there are several players that their children on team (when children aren’t in is the only time we joke as adults. They are very family oriented and everyone is amazing in there. We are a very active and supportive team. I’ve already let them know about your thread but of you’d like check us out.
I just recently left a team- horrific experience… Had to block a player that became verbally abusive and harassed me on game. I met Carrie and Dave thru LC and they’ve supported me thru the whole ordeal. And this team is very active, always chatting active in wars and events. I couldn’t ask for a better team.
And you are welcome to message Carrie as she does a lot of recruiting or the leader Dave. Even of are the team for I wish you the very best of luck finding a team :smile::smile::smile:

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Dragonmids, is the team for you. We are looking for good players in both your ranges. We have only very active and active players. Please give us a look.