LFT low level atlas


Looking for a team that has atlas that may have disbanded or have gone mainly inactive. Willing to buy. Message in game, thanks


Good luck with that :rofl:



I think you may be missing the point here. OP wants a skeleton of a team, likely to install themselves as leader of a new team with Atlas. I’m going to have to agree with @MegustaTacos.


Nah there’s an inside joke here. :crazy_face:


Lots of teams with atlas have disbanded or bad problems and are down in gold with few to no players. Just interested in buying a team that isn’t in use


Mmm. Whatever works :man_shrugging:.
Though, if you are talking about buying with real currency you might get into a wee bit of trouble if the mods see.


I didn’t know that, people post to buy castles in atlas chat so I didn’t realize


They are asking to buy with in-game resources, as in gold and/or food. This post explains it a little


Makes sense thanks for the info


I know of such a team. What would my finder fee be for brokering a transaction?


I remember some of your recent posts in this category. So I’m gonna “:joy:


I was one of the lucky ones. We actually found a merger that has so far worked out great.

But yes, this does seem to be a recurring theme


I’m interested mail me in game with the team name and information


Congrats :+1:

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