LFT – Lv211 – Plat2-Saphire


Language: English
Time Zone: UTC+9
Played time: Re-started since last June
Age Range: 30+
Elite Account?: Yes for both
Dragon Roster Includes: Axi, Prospero, Hildr
Highest Lineage Dragon: Jul(Garnet)

About: I re-playing the game since last June and am being out of team for coupe of weeks due to personal reasons but I am going to be back to “very active” again. I am looking for a team for after this or next event.


Hivequeen is looking for good active people to replace some alts we are a atlas team check us out and apply if interested


Look over our roster, and let me know if you’d be interested



XxREBELLIONSxX is looking for members like you.

Take a look at my LFM thread or look us up in game


Hitmen4Hire is P2 moving to P1. We are looking to replace 2 members. Please apply if interest :facepunch:t2:


I decided a team. Thank you so much for your contacts and messages :grinning:


@moderators would you please close?


Closed by OP request