LFT - Lv333 - Sapphire to D2


Language: English
Time Zone: Asian Time Zone
Played time: about 1 year and 7 months
Age Range: over 30
Elite Account?: yes for both
Dragon Roster Includes: Pathox, Fomhar, Neptus, Sanguis

I have been in Platinum since I started playing this game, and now I want to try Sapphire/D2 if possible. Please message me in game :slight_smile:


They might want to know your highest lineage dragon

Edit: Doh! :woman_facepalming:


I guess that would be Sanguis?


Yes it is.
I will breed Keth next, then Kaze โ‡’ Jormun/Jotun.


Apply to 1stNightFury @MommaBear1234

We are mostly D2 with occasional respites in S1 as itโ€™s difficult to walk the thin line between D1 and S1.


Thank you for sending me messages :smile:
I found a team to join.


Donโ€™t keep us in suspense, where did you end up?!