LFT - Lvl 102 - Atlas team


Language: English
Time Zone: Australia!
Played time: ~1 year
Age Range: Old enough… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Necryx (Obs), Borg (Plat), Drakius (Plat), Fae (Plat), Sage (Plat)
Highest Lineage Dragon: Jagra - breeding Rizar/Kaiju next - then onwards to Hau!
OS: Android! (I put this here because I know there’s some Android issues with Atlas…)

Hi! I’ve been playing for about a year. This is an alt account - my main is elsewhere. However this is a better account as I don’t repeat mistakes :wink: I’m super active, and needless to say, I always get my war runs done. I’m looking for an Atlas team as I’d like to try it out. Ideally an Atlas team that already have some land so I can get a fuller gamut of what’s available there! I’m also looking for a no drama team, hopefully lots of fun chat in TC and a stable officer corp. Hope that’s not too much to ask! In return I’m very confident I can add much more value to the team than my level 102 would suggest.


Hey there, take a look at our team, we’re recruiting level 100+ players in Plat I. PM me for more info :grinning:


PS we have several Aussies and would love to introduce you! :grinning:


Found a team. Thanks everyone!

@ModMat @Psarus pls close


Thanks. Closing the thread.