LFT - Lvl 104 SingingSkies - Gold 1 - Platinum 2 to Sapphire 3


Preferred Language: English
Time Zone: Eastern Time (EST)
Played time: 1 year 10 months (wow, so specific)
Age Range: Any
Level: 104 and counting
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Aibrean, Whalegnawer, Necryx, Consurgens, Coatl, Sage, Zamrok
Highest Lineage Dragon: Whale/Cons (yes, I know, I messed up my breeding but I’m back on track.

About: I’m searching for a very active team with Atlas and a lot of team participation in events. I do war runs every day if there are any wars that day. Don’t mind where I am with breeding too much, I discovered breeding paths WAY too late and I had a few inactivity gaps last year so I’m working my way up as fast as possible because I need to seriously catch up.

Again, just for clarification, I need a VERY active team. :smile:


Well three moons, you are way out of our league, lol
Edit: we are in Silver 3 this week, just started a few days ago


Maybe, maybe not, I was in a Plat 2 team way before lvl 100, then Sapp 3, so I’m looking for somewhere around that ^^


I776 is looking for someone. Message @SuzzQ here or in game


Their team is full though, and I believe they had one spot open so it’s filled


We have an alt holding a spot


Okay, I’ll message her


Hi SingingSkies, apply to the team I will get you in!!


Applied ^^


If you’re still looking apply you Sandslingers. We are an atlas team in plat 2


I got accepted into a team already, but thank you for reaching out. ^^


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