LFT lvl 123 and 138 AnthonyNotsure looking for a team with atlas

Language: english
Time Zone: PST
Played time:6 months
Age Range: 26
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: equestor with rider, aibrean with rider, Leos, Kirin nollaig and soon will have corthanak
Highest Lineage Dragon: about to get mythic sapphire

About: only been playing for about 6 months and my friend and myself are level 123 and 138 and are looking for a team with atlas. We have never used atlas but both have watched some videos on how it runs and would love to try it out. We almost max out the event prizes every event and never miss war attacks. We are looking for a team we don’t have to constantly carry and that puts in as much work as we do.

What are you not sure about? :joy:

Jokes aside, check our deathdealers. We don’t have atlas yet unfortunately but we’ll love to take a couple of active players. If you want to learn and grow we’re the place for you.

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You can join in HotTubParty, Yautjaprime, PeaceNLove

I have room for both of you. MastersOfChaos

We are trying to rebuild our team. It’s been through a lot the last year and we are now trying to get back on our feet. We have several high level players that would be able to take you guys on xp runs. We always share rss and coordinate runs, wars, and events. We are AkichitaWopaka if you’d like to check us out.

Have you found a home already?

We are still keeping our options open…No one has offered a team with atlas yet sadly

Sad to hear.

We won’t have it until the next roll out…if you dont have a home by then, reach out to me and if I still have the spots available, I can get you both in.

If you would like to join and wait with us for the roll out, you are more than welcome to.

If nothing comes around soon with atlas we would love to jump on board with your team. After this fortification event we should both be 150+ as we have been saving up for a bit and we both plan on getting corthanak either this event or in the next couple events at the most. I will let you know soon if we will be joining you.

Forgot to press the reply button oops

Sounds good!!

I have lowered the minimum to 120 for now just in case.

Best of luck to you both, and I look forward to hearing from you!!

We will get Atlas at the end of March (next rollout)

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