LFT lvl 212 . Chars

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Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – 212 name same in forums – from s1/d2 team, looking for s1 or d2 team.

Language: eng
Time Zone: gmt+4
Played time: started december 2016
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: aibrean, borgian, ember
Highest Lineage Dragon: 3 garnet. 2 -3 breeding away from emerald.

About: just want team with good established leadership. And gold coin policy.

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If you are interested in a platinum IV team RageEternal are looking. We are a great team with a strong core. All the officers are awesome and we all support each other within the team. Wars and events are a must. But we can have alot of fun while doing so. :blush:

Sorry im also looking for fair amount of token pay out. And with atlas ofc

Nice level, but maybe in D2 need Emerald Tier or High in your Roster :slight_smile:




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Oops…nvmd… I just saw you found a nice team… :blush:

Just in case you haven’t found a team yet, KittyNSausage is a great team. We are Plat 3. Our leader, Twitchx is working on getting Atlas but haven’t yet, but is still confident we will soon.

If interested put in an application or message Twitchx. We have a couple of spots left being held by alts.


Thanks for offer.

Keep workhard to breeding Mythic Garnet and Legendary Emerald because in D2 any player in lvl 212 should have Evolving Emerald Stone :wink:

i joined a d2 team while i was lvl 170 now ive got garnets its even easier? I still scored at top 15 in pvp events if thats your concern. Wars , no im like a mule. If dragons are your only qualifications fitting in a higher tier team then maybe we will not really agree to each other. I have more medal than a lvl 212 could ever have cuz i farm rss for my teammates and do tons of shit of back up, i was a leader in platinum team for almost a year? Token payout sucks so yeah im 2 breeding away from emerald. My defense isnt as bad as high lvl 200’s i dont even have def rider gear. Def rider sitting with 200k xp at lvl 22

I still have 212 energy packs and 100 innerfire with 60 golds chest to open next event, even if i hit the lowest members in d2 i can guarantee i would still score pretty well. I currently have 80k tokens with 16k rubies, i will hit minimum 150k tokens before next breeeding.

Primarchs , i have enough xp for a lvl 10 sieger and lvl 8-9 rusher. I only had atlas 3 months ago.

Theres tons of players whose oozing with high lvl tier dragons but lacks on all other aspects thats in d2 team. You can take a peek i could even be a better replacement for them.

And no i dont spend


Up up up up

Are looking for a new team again? We are not Diamond league but we are a fun group of people…give us a consideration again if you were not happy where you were.

No i havent left my team since i posted this. No one seems want to take me hehe. I score heavy in events im like a sure +1 for getting 1.2k sigils in team achievements. Im also grinding my way through those 20% atlas gears.

Well, should you decide that you want to go non-Atlas again, we would love to have you. I was a low 60’s when I joined them a few months ago. Now I’m much higher and for me to go Sapphire now… (I’m a little behind but working on that) to me it’s a big deal and my fellow teammates welcomed me and helped me get there.

PS…I score high too in our events. :blush:


Found new team.


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