LFT – lvl 212 – `Platinum 2` to `S1`


About: Lookig for a team that is actively trying to get to sapphire 1. Trash talk and burns down bases on a regular…:smiling_imp:. Hopefully they have atlas with a nice token boost

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LFT – Onegreatman 212 – Platinum 2 to ???


Time Zone:Central standard time
Played time:2 years +
Age Range:
Elite Account?:Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Necryx,Gunnar,Coatl,Airbream,Cauhthil,Sage,Drakius,
Equestor, and Huntzil.

Highest Lineage Dragon:Deci (Emarld)

About:Been playing Atlas back when u turned over cards for prizes, 12hrs timers were abundant, there where no diamonds, you had to plot out ur moves around the map, teleported to different castles, and it was called a rusher.


Newroyalz, about to get back to Plat1, demoted cuz someone bailed in the middle of 3 wars. Actively pushing to Sapphire!

Very active, 12 castles, over 1k daily egg tokens, great company. Attack in waves for wars and extremely competitive and active in atlas and events. Mostly US east and UK time. We have alts so you can miss a war with advanced notice but no heads up and a miss is autokick. No strict requirements on events but we try to push for the 1.2k sigil mark and minimum 50k troops reserve for attack and defense in Atlas.

Message leader in game or me here if interested!


@moderators this solved