LFT - lvl 25(alt) and lvl 284(Main) - xYellowMonkeYx - any league

Looking to find a team that will take in my level 25 alt as well as my main level 284.

  • war event participation requirements are fine, as long as no set point teirs have to hit.

  • Atlas access is a must

  • Not looking for teams with a bunch of rules or requirements

  • Looking for a casual, fun, relaxing team.

Surprised to see you teamless… you’ll be hard pressed to get your alt in, unless you get into a platinum team that’s new to atlas, but good luck

Not teamless, just looking to move. And league doesn’t matter to me.

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Hi there! We would be a great fit for you. Inhave room for you starting tonight as somebody has decided to retire his dragons

SD is a social, active team who wars smart and plays for FUN! We ask for war participation but no demands on level achievements for events.

Ign Kaaaaat
Team: strangedragons

We dont have atlas but im just putting my team out there. ArkhamLegends has space, & all we ask is you do wars. :grin: We are plat 4 soon to be plat 3 and always score in the top 5 for events.


We are looking for 3 members. We would be happy to take both your a counts. We are in Gold 1 and could really use help getting to platinum. We are active and thirsty go get higher league
Please let me know.

Team name is Lonefamily.

Nightsaviors has spots open that can take both of your accounts but we do not have Atlas as of yet. We have players in all level ranges so you wont feel like you’d be used for your level. We focus on strong dragons and defense over higher levels. :slight_smile:

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