LFT - Lvl 252- MurderOfCrowZx - Sapphire 2 or better

Language: English
Time Zone: US, CDT
Played time: 3+ years
Age Range: 30+
Elite Account?: Always
Dragon Roster Includes: Aibrean, Avyx, Necryx, Ferga
Highest Lineage Dragon: Ferga

Long time player in search of a new team to call home. Not a spender but very competitive and experienced in both standard game and Atlas. Would like to join a team in at least Saphire II WITH Atlas! If you have questions then feel free to contact me.

Please close this thread, I have found a team. And thank you to everyone who sent invites.

Did you find a team, or are you still looking. Standin2gether, D2 team looking for players, mail me in game

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