LFT LVL 260 eadchilli platsapphire

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Looking for More (Recruiting)
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Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – yourLevel yourNameyourLeague to requestedLeague

Time Zone:uk
Played time:2 years
Age Range: adult
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:emerald


Any preferences for league, Atlas access, etc?

Atlas access would be nice. No real preference on league. Want a team where members turn up for wars.

These are things you should add to your original post;

Language: are you looking for an English speaking team? Do you speak any other languages?
Time Zone: Teams want to k ow what time zone your are in.
Played time: How long have you played the game?
Age Range: Are you and adult player? Are you looking for a specific team age requirement?
Elite Account?: Do you have it?

Dragon Roster Includes: what dragons are you flying?

Highest Lineage Dragon: are you in sapphire, Garnet, emerald tier etc?

About: Say whatever else you’re looking for…

PM sent…will message you in game later!!

Would love to talk about possibly joining us if you’re interested. Pm in on here or in game if you’re interested.

Best of luck

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