LFT – Lvl 270 MrOuch – P3 seeking S2-S3

LFT – Lvl 270 MrOuch – P3 seeking S2-S3


Language: English

Time Zone: EST (GMT-4)

Played time: 11 months (Atlas 9 months)

Age Range: 18+ only

Elite Account?: Yes (regular and Altas)

Dragon Roster Includes: lvl 29 Namaka 1.17B, lvl 29 Ronin 1.55B

Highest Lineage Dragon: Archimera (Ryno’s next - 223/1100 so far - then Lokan)

Dragon power: 3.51B

Defense power: 1.4B (w/o season base boost)

Medals: 53.2M

Prims: D 2s5, S 2s1, Ta b14, Tr 2s7

Troops: 100k+ (and able to maintain 100k+)

Seasonal events: Always exceed point total required to reach team prize 8/8

Highest PvP score: 239k (week 2 this season)

Typical PvP score: reach the 80k or 117k prize

Altas events: Often obtain the final point achievements prize offered

About: Coming from a fun P2-P3, neutral Atlas team (joined at lvl 55 and served as an officer there). Looking to join a S2-S3 team after Fort ends. Ideally, a team that reaches team prize 8/8 (1200 sigils) in all season events, or at least fairly often

Do war runs and team quests promptly. Am very active in Atlas. Next breeding, will hatch Ryno, raise my divines to lvl 30, start breeding Lokan. Next fort, will upgrade my kill island beyond tower lvl 56, reach lvl 280, and upgrade my breeding castle and egg incubator to lvl 12 (to hatch Harbinger eggs). Then decide if I should finish breeding and hatch Lokan during fort so I can raise my divines beyond lvl 32 immediately (and into Harbinger tier), or wait till the next breeding event to do so :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Feel free to contact me in WD, as I’ll read and respond to messages there much sooner than ones left here

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points for detail! hope you find a good team :v:


Thank you!

Big thanks to all the teams who reached out. Cheers :beers:

I have found a new team. Am just waiting on my old team to replace and kick me before applying

So @moderators please close this thread