LFT - lvl 310 - Erika5873 - relaxed with atlas

Language:dutch and english
Time Zone: est
Played time:3 years maybe 4
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: yes no atlas elite tho
Dragon Roster Includes:Axi, Gunnar ect.
Highest Lineage Dragon:working on vanguard

Im looking for a very relaxed team. Because of work it’s difficult to be on and do well in pvp and quest . I do what I can and war is not a problem, breeding and building I do fine like building always 1Mpoints but pvp I usually just don’t have the time for depending on the week. I also don’t chat much but I don’t miss war and would like to still have atlas. I have 140K troops

Sent you an email.



Congratulations on your new family, both of you :tada:

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