LFT - lvl 314 Makotora sapp2 to anywhere in sapp or upper plat

Language: English/Japanese
Time Zone: Tokyo
Played time: Almost three years
Age Range: have a 3 year old kid. Around that age.
Elite Account: E2P
Dragon Roster Includes: Pathox, Fomhar, Ali
Highest Lineage Dragon: Harbringer. Will get Sanguis egg next breeding, but won’t see him for quite a while :frowning:

About: After Almost 2 years, kinda got fed up with some of the team members. I still like most of them so I prefer a smooth and coordinated transition after this fort event.

Never missed a war, usually go to maximum team achievement level unless super busy or trying to save for the next season.

I like flying hunters, although I’m not really the best (god those people who mastered hau must be crazy)

Think my defense is decent. Having 8 lvl 60 towers, DF, FF, blue mage, red mage, storm, ice turret, archer and cannon. Probably 6 to 7 of them will reach Lv 62 in this fort.

Real life with my wife and kid and my job is my highest priority, so I do play silently without showing up in a chat here and there, but if you could tolerate that it will be grateful.

Sapphire team will be great. With atlas even better. I’ll show up with 250k troops.


I know you’ll probably be leaning towards a saph team, but in any case have a look at ZenWarriors :grin:



u can apply for ancients we are looking for some high level players, we platinum 1 team.

Thank U.

You can apply for Bendtheknee1.

Thank you everyone for the offer. As I said in the OP I would like to finish fort event in my current team so if you could wait my decision till, Sunday, and coordinate to have no open space on team during transition, it will be grateful.

I’m sry, but if you require an line app, I have to omit from the option, since my family name is bit unique and can be easily specificated.

I’ll make the decision with in the teams i got offer until now, since I already have good amount of options already to choose from.

Again, thank you very much for all the offers!

I hope that you will allow my team to throw our hat in the ring also. TheDestroyers1 is an Atlas team in Sapphire 3 looking to replace an alt. You would make a great addition. Contact an officer for further details as to our Atlas holdings etc.

Check us out :slight_smile:
LFM – Plat 2 – NightOfKnives – lvl 70+

We are moving to sapphire 3 next change and heading back to 2. Can always use an active player. :beers:

Would love to have you in Orderofchaos. P2 team headed back to P1. We don’t require Line.

Hi, I be been writing to whoever gave me offers and messages, but since it seems to take longer than I thought, i would like to post here that I have already decided on my next team.

I really appreciate all the offers, and wish best of luck to everyone!

I’m sorry if I haven’t written back personally.

@moderators if you could close the thread, it will be great.

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Sure thanks