LFT - lvl 323 - CRIOS - D1

Language: English / Spanish / french
Time Zone: UTC + 1
Played time: 3-4 years
Age Range: 37
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: all dragons
Highest Lineage Dragon: harbinger



I believe we met on my stream yesterday! Rulith is a D2 team, but we are top 20 in Atlas and heavily organized. I’d love to talk more and see if we might be a good fit!


Hiya. Officer on Renegades. We are Plat. 1 team. Looking for some Bigger guys to help with transistioning into Atlas

Happy to talk to you about how the DemonDragons way of doing life is fun and fulfilling. Every team is different, like every type of food it different but it’s all food. We all play the game, but each team will have it’s flavour.
Try us, we’re tasty and moreish. :yum:

We’d love to have ya, Hermano. We’re TheSeekers. Drop us a line.

I am with Red :roll_eyes: in Rulith team


Congratulations. That’s a very solid & worthy team. Great members.

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