LFT|LVL:368/110 & 55 (3 people)|Requested League: Open

Our Usernames: Tammyc (my mom), Nevenkia (me), and ZelVendela (bestie)
!!All 3 of us are of VERY ACTIVE status & we plan to remain that way!!
Language: English
Time Zone: EST & PST

Played time: My mother has played for about a year 1/2 or so, she has her 368 account. I have played for about a year (mostly off) but I’m taking the game more seriously now, the 110 account is mine. The level 55 account belongs to my best friend & he recently started the game but between us teaching him and his wallet (lol) he is progressing nicely!

Age Range: My mom is 50, I’m 31 and my bestie is 22

Elite Account?: Yes, all 3 of us have and maintain an E Account

Dragon Roster Includes: My mom has so many dragons I couldn’t tell you them all but her “best” that she has and talks about frequently is Surt (sp?) and I believe my mom is up to harbinger maybe, don’t quote me on that though, she has tons of seasonal drags. For me, I mostly just have bred dragons up to the end of gold (working on legendary golds), I have Krampi & all his pages done + additional tokens, Rath + Tokens, Ramnaught + Tokens (he is probably my favorite right now), Azrael + Tokens and thats to name a few. Zel has just started so is still working on things but I know for a fact he purchased all the pages for Skoll and Hati!

Highest Lineage Dragon: I can’t speak for anyone else but the ones I listed above are my highest ones right now and I’m leveling them as soon as I meet any requirements for them.

About: My mom and I bond over WDs and have loved playing it. I pulled her back into the game about 3 weeks ago. Zel and I have been best friends for 7 years, we play a lot of online games together! We enjoy competing against one another with friendly banter to keep us all invested in the game and having fun! I personally do not know a lot about Atlas but willing to learn, I have looked at some guides but they were from like 2020! My mom has done Atlas quite a bit but is still figuring out parts of it for herself as well. Zel being new knows nothing about Atlas except for what we have told him, he hasn’t started to dabble in it yet as we are currently in a temp clan we made until we find a good fit for us.

We are ideally seeking: A clan who maintains commitment of members to quests/events! Honestly, we are just looking for a place where people love the game as much as we do. We do not expect everyone to be a daily player, that can be unrealistic but we are daily players and we run together for hours a day doing events and keeping our missions locked down.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask!


This was the most wholesome thing I have read on forums, so sweet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I can give you recommendations but i myself dont have anything to offer, i just want to wish you guys the best of luck.

DivineDestiny, NightmareGuild, Dominium, WeyrOfLight are all some teams I know with nice leadership. I dont know if all of you are eligible for those teams, be it level or whatnot, but theyre worth a look or message. If you want lax rules in atlas, id suggest looking at BlackFlaggers from what ive heard theyre good and zero no hits like us which i believe makes the game fun and less confusing.

Have fun, you may need to try a few teams to find your perfect fit and thats ok! Best of luck and keep making those memories regardless of what other’s tell you.


I really appreciate it! I wanted to try another outlet when seeking a clan other than the random invites we all occasionally get lol. I feel like if things start out a little more personable, we are more likely to find something we click with faster ^.^. I appreciate the thoughtful reply and I will look into the teams you suggested! Thank you so much!

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We would love to have the three of you in our team! We can even help youre bestie learn the game as well, hell we can even teach you and your momma a few things. Doesnt hurt to learn new things right?

Heres a little info about us, if you have any questions either hit me up in game, on here, or in LINE. My line info of course in the little bio of our team

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I will pass along the info to them also, thank you so much! We will be deciding where to go to see if its a good fit as soon as event ends :).

If you 3 want you can also join us for an event, see if were a fit for you guys. If not, then of course you can leave. If we are a fit, then you guys gain more family XD

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Oooo also forgot to say, welcome to the community! XD

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Seriously thank you so much! We really love the game so much :).

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I can make room for all 3 of you. We’re a pretty tight crew. You’ll have a lot of support with growth. We’re a pirate team so as long as you hit your event minimums, you’ll have the freedom to play however you like.

We have a couple we are looking into. What is the name of yours so that I can look it up? :3

Nevermind, I see now it is BlackFlaggers :smiley: I am pretty sure I looked it up, let me do a refresh :slight_smile:

That’s us

Wow dare you try claiming people i already called dibs on! For shame mister XD.

But no in all honesty, if you dont want to join us then dooms team is the way to go. He might be a pain in the ass sometimes, mean it with love doom :kissing_heart:, but he means well and his team is nice from what ive hear.

I don’t really read up anymore :man_shrugging:

Good to read nice stuff in forums haha, good luck there are loads of decent teams out there, and you will never understand everything in atlas lol has so many layers

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Hi! I sent you a message in game!! Glad you all are back into the game, and what a great way to hang with your bestie & bond with your mom!

Previous team didn’t work out, planning on moving on to another team now. Reaching out to a few potentials from before the last event first :).

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Sad to hear that the team didnt work out for you three :frowning:


Can you give people a better understanding then of what youre looking for? Maybe then you can find your forever home.

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We are in need of lots of players, come and join us.