LFT lvl 390 P1+

Language: English
Time Zone: Eastern
Played time: since winter 2018
Age Range: Over 18
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Zenko Narylth Kullecid
Highest Lineage Dragon: Jormungandr

About: Long time gamer who is looking for an active guild, P1+ preferred. I’m not super hard core, but I’d like to be in a guild where I’m not top 5 in events just for dropping a few megas. I pull my weight and would like guildies who do the same. Familiar with Atlas, wars, alliances, all the good stuff.

Hiya, I’m the leader of PeritusDraconi. We are a P3 team, that might be what you are looking for. We are becoming more active in atlas, we have 8 castles all elements. We are growing at a pretty good pace. I definitely don’t think you would be top 5 in my team easily! We also get level 9 quest chest, and I’m hoping to start getting level 10 soon :slight_smile: do you have line app? I’d love to talk more :slight_smile:

Hey hit us up on vengefulones we are plat 1 and very active


Interested in sapphire 3 let me know. PaddyDragon is looking for people to hit 8/8 achievement

Hi hun

I have sent you a personal message here.

If your interested, and have any questions, you can message me here, or in game

Team - I776 ( " 1 " is a Capital " i ")

Thank You
Blackwidowsden :blush:

We are a new team who is currently in (Gold III Furious Jorns). We are a month old and we are rising through the leagues rapidly.
We’re chill but require you have more then 0 points in an event or war and your activity status is above ‘inactive’.
I have some experience on this game. Any questions don’t hesitate to reach out here or message me in game @ GoddesArtemis
I check all messages and forums on a daily basis.

Let me know if you’re still looking and would be interested.


Messaged you (^u^)