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Time Zone:central usa
Played time:2 years
Age Range: old
Elite Account?:normal only no atlas
Dragon Roster Includes: Hauz
Highest Lineage Dragon:emp

About: 418 with 4.19bil defense without 30% boosts, ~7 bil fully boosted

Have 2 maxed sets of elite gear for offense and 1 for my defense.

Shopping around to see what’s out there.

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PM me in game on Darkshades

Feel free to message us at concilium!


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Maybe Dragonminds is something for you?

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Screaminghawks has room if you still require it!

We’d love to have you if you’re still looking, no atlas and we are rebuilding - Fr0mTheAshes or message Silk or Honcho0326

If you are still looking snapdragonz would love to have you message kingarthur999 or rand

Have Question IG DrummerGirl7 CelticWarHeros.

Are you still shopping?


Confession: Ok, so my last Zen-buddy graduated to our Saph-sister team and I would really like another Zen-flier on the team to troll high bases with me (non-atlas battles… or MAYBE even atlas battles).

My team had been very successful (1st Place) in the last two events so now P3 is sick of our faces and sent us to be dealt with in P2. We haven’t had a war since we were in P4 - we didn’t need one because we’d keep racking up ranking points from our events.

Tbf, we did have a slight shift in team dynamics; as I said earlier, our top player moved up so pvp might be a bit less stellar but we also regained a couple old players so the team feels a bit more family-like but somehow still naughty (this part concerns me but I can’t seem to do anything about it)??

Atlas-wise, it’s a bit skewed on where the activity is but if you catch the atlas-active crew online, it can be pretty fun to make trouble (but perhaps not too much trouble please :see_no_evil:). Modest number of 4 Tier 2 castles, 1:1 ratio of safe and exposed just so it’s fair for people we visit to visit us lol. Tbh, this team is more events focused, which is what our boss envisioned.

Ok, so what team am I talking about? VikingsDK .
dm me here on in game if this sounds like your kind of team and you wanna hear more about our quotas/targets (ignore my earlier forum thread - it needs to be updated)

If Plat League is beneath you, and you want a more consistent 8/8 Team Achievements rather than just Fort, might I recommend PhoenixRisen? Contact persons would be Sara72a or FlossyChaos. Yes, there will be an available Zen buddy there too who can also double as a Cavalore buddy

Happy Home-hunting!

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