LFT - lvl 560+ - new season

Hey guys, I’m searching for a new team in the beginning of the new season :smiley: (next week)

LFT – 562 Tami – Sapphire


Language: English or German
Time Zone: I don’t care, I’m happy when I’m not alone and meet a few new ppl.
Played time: European Timezone
Age Range: 20+
Elite Account: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Kinnarix, Xul, Quilleth, Steelwing
Highest Lineage Dragon: Artisan Mythic

I am looking for a new team for next week. I normally enjoy playing this game, but for personal reasons I want to cut back a bit from the diamand league. I do my quests reliably and am looking forward to rocking the Events with my new team.

I’m also looking for an Atlas-oriented team that offers both raids and snipe lists. Team price 8/8 and quest 5/5 should also be a basic requirement.

Feel free to write me here or pm with questions :smiley: because I’m not good in writing an application :joy:



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Found a team @moderators please close this :slight_smile:

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Dammit already? I can’t even try to recruit you now :frowning:

Thank you!

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