LFT - lvl 58 - xxblurosesxx - any league


Language: English
Time Zone: central
Played time: a year
Age Range: 20
Elite Account?: no
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:

Looking for a committed/casual team. Tried creating my own, but didn’t work out, too much to do to try to start from the bottom. I have no experience with atlas. Unsure whether I would like to try it or not. PM if you’re interested to have me as a part of your family or if you have any questions.


Dropped you a note in lc and probally also a team invite, hitting gold 5 next league round.


Join lonefamily gold 1 & you could try atlas with us :kissing_heart:


Check out IronLegio…casual…but helpful…and competitive…moving back to Platinum IV


Check us out Yahwehwarriors platinum 3, family friendly team! We have two alts to replace :laughing:


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