LFT - lvl 60 - xxblurosesxx

Language: English
Time Zone: Central
Played time: 2 years
Age Range: 21
Elite Account?: no
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon: Green Tier

Used to be part of a great team but it fell apart over time, ever since I’ve had a hard time finding a team. Been off for a few months but wanna get back to it. I’m active, participate in all events and wars, help when possible, share lumber & food, chat, and have fun. (Participation & communication is key)

Feel free to message me on here or in game and to ask any questions you’d like.

Ravenclawclan is gold 1 and looking for members, also we have cookies :eyes::cookie:

Come to PainNdaAzz. We’re a Gold I team at at heart but locationally challenged at the moment

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