LFT LVL 72 D0CT0RDEATH currently gold 2- looking for platinum or atlas teams

Language: English
Time Zone: doesn’t matter
Played time: 2-4 hours a day since sept
Age Range: preferably 18+ but no drama is what really matters
Elite Account?: over 1 year left
Dragon Roster Includes: whale, aibrean, equestor
Highest Lineage Dragon: whale

About: I’ve been playing since mid Sept. The team I’m currently on is falling apart and sadly I don’t know if it’s salvageable at this point. Wanting to see what options are out there. I have enough speed ups to get to lvl 84 next event. Next breeding event I will be breeding platinums. There is a second account lvl 68 that I’d like to bring with me if possible.

Good evening😊 We are currently a Gold II team looking for active players. After the current event and the last 2 wars we’ve had to let several players go for not wanting to participate. We are a 18+ Team and like to have fun. We share rss, help with xp runs and are a chatty team. We don’t micro-manage, but ask for war and event participation.
If interested please check us out at NWDragons and my IGN is Inferni1

Tou can join at PeaceNLove, HotTubParty, Yautjaprime, TheOriginals…
But, PeaceNLove in League Gold 2

Howdy, D0C!

If you’re still looking for a team please consider TheNightmares. We’re currently Gold 1 and looking for more to move up. We are full but can accommodate more than one player/account.

We’re 18+, no drama in the game, we prefer to chat on Line app (which is definitely 18+), the team chat can be slow depending on events and time of the season.


Texasdragons78 in Plat is looking to replace a couple alts. Hit me up in game.


If you are still looking for a team SavNation has an opening for you, just look for us in game and apply :blush: We’re currently in platinum looking to move up :+1:

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