LFT - lvl 77 jb4WAR - Gold1 to Plat4

Language: English
Time Zone: CST
Played time: Almost 2 yrs
Age Range: 35
Elite Account?: no
Dragon Roster Includes: Prospero, Jarl, Firefin
Highest Lineage Dragon: Hugin


This is an alt account for @Daedalus. The base is bad, the dragons are bad, but I want to work on it and try to get it in better shape. The team I’m looking for must have Atlas and hold castles. I joined a team that was in gold one that was allegedly “active” but its been 12 hours with no response to my “hello” in team chat. I need an active team to get this account up.

I sign on at least one a day to train troops and craft gear. I’ll also need backup for XP runs since I can’t solo the invader base with green dragons. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please let me know if you’re interested in having me.

I’m Daedalus, and I approve this message.


Can he just join your own team and spend like a couple of hundreds to get to sapphire quickly at least?
Then you can do back xp run yourself :+1:

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My own team is in Plat 1, that wouldn’t be a very fun PvP for a level 77. Also, do not have spare monies.

The one time I met this dude in LC we convinced a level 12 to fight Princess Dread with Kinnara.

Level 12 came back claiming a 5 flame victory.

Excellent partner in crime. Rated 4/4.


That was a fun time. :rofl:

Still looking for a team. :eyes:

Would like to join before event starts.

You can take a look at us …Dragonconcra…
I have a spot free and will pull you in, if you apply.

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