LFT – LvL140 and LVL150 – Saphire II > Saphire II +

Language: English
Time Zone: GTM+2
Played time: < 1 year
Age Range: 25+
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Equestor, Necrix, Aibream, Leos to saphire +
Highest Lineage Dragon: Sekhem egg for Saphire divines

About: Hi, we are two very active players looking for a team with atlas where we can help and benefit from everything atlas has to offer. We played in atlas teams since level 60 we have some experience with it.

Hello Fingers101,
I understand you are looking for a Saphire Team. However if your interested, my team have Atlas within Plat 2. If you wish to ask further questions just let me know my IGN: Momoshiguru.

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