LFT - lvl199 - same as forums name - currently Homeless

Language: Fluent Australian (maaaaaaate)
Time Zone: Australian
Played time: Must be close to a year now.
Age Range: 25-35
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: hau, Frosty, Necryx
Highest Lineage Dragon: Garnet, Devine’s are capped ti I have emerald dragons. Plan is to have them in 3-4 breeding events.

About: I recently left my beloved team to explore the other side of the fence. Will it be greener? Well I guess that depends on the organisation you got going. I love to have fun upmost and joking around and I hate losing. I communicate. I do wars. I have line. I do events. I have knowledge of how to run waves and have been on high team before as a low level player. I will also never cause drama. Most of all I will always put the team first. Please message me in game if you have a position now or coming up in the future. I am happy to wait For the right fit if a spot might not be available right now.

Maaaaate. Deathdealers. Check us out.

Ironages would be a good fit. Plat 4 at the moment. Message Phantazm

Worth noting that OP wants atlas.

If you still need a team, please check out ArkhamLegends. We will soon be moving to gold 1/platinum. :grin:


Check out Mountshamans

Check out DarkSouls with a capital i, we are an awesome group rebuilding ourselves up. Currently in platinum we have line, an awesome group, and have a great time. Wars and events are a must for us and it sounds like u do those seriously so check us out.
-Message myself, LadyJeatta

Dropped you a message. Strangdragons, P4/3. Happy to answer questions you may have.

UntoTheLocust currently has a spot open for you! Currently in Plat 1, looking to beef up a little more to get back to Sapphire. Check us out if you would like! :slight_smile:

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I sent you an in game message :smiley:

I will message you in game in shortly

Did you lie about letting me join your team?

Welcome to join my team will message you I have a fair few Australians in team x

Thanks to all the lovely offers and time people spent sending them to me. I have found a team.

To the powers that be please close this thread.

Check out HexLords in Platinum we’d love to have ya


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