LFT - lvl288-Flaxime- league temporary to Sapphire I/ diamond I

Language: French, but I try to speak English (google translate)
Time Zone: Europe (GMT/UTC+2)
Played time: anytime, but especially after noon, evening
Age Range: 42
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Kinnaru/ Zamrock…expert; Chimerak lvl 53
Highest Lineage Dragon: Wraith, Xenot, all legendary emerault(not kyrule)

About: search very serious and active team (9 months at lesvolturis)

Join us sapphire 2

Join us. We are in platinum. Msg me or apply for Ancientblood if you want to join us. Thanks

Bonjour Flaxime - my team is Sapphire 1/Diamond 2
Our players are from all over and speak many languages
We have Atlas and require players to use it for at least troop building.

RSVP to Elle if you have questions.

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