Lft mousextreme lvl 280

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Lft-mousextreme 280 p2-s3

Time Zone:cdt
Played time:years
Age Range: idc
Elite Account?:im f2p
Dragon Roster Includes:hau, renard, ember
Highest Lineage Dragon: like 5 obsidians, lokan bred but cant incubate

About:looking for a new team of chill peeps. Im pretty active but dont do too much atlas stuff.

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We are a gold II team without atlas.we are looking for new players to rebuild our team. We have a core group of active players. We are very laid back with no drama. We would love to have you!

Hi, check out NightCreatures. We’re plat 2, pretty chill, low drama. PM me if you want to know more.

Check out Darkshades, currently platinum 2

Close this pls I found a team