LFT (Need Atlas) - Level 108 - Platinum3 to Sapphire3

Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – Level 108: Jalen – Preferred League Range: Platinum3 to Sapphire3


Language: English
Time Zone: Central
Played time: 8 and a half months
Age Range: 15
Elite Account?: No
Dragon Roster Includes: Gunnar, Scorpa, Dreth, Hyaku, Jagra, Rizar, Ember (soon Vulcan & Kelvin)
Highest Lineage Dragon: Rizar (Platinum legendary hunter)

I’m looking for an atlas team full of nice members, drama free, between Platinum3 and Sapphire3, and is always within the top 5 teams of an event as well as gets up to at least level 9 team quest chest. If any team fits these requirements, please state your word on it.

I wish you luck on your quest for Sapphire IV :slight_smile:

I know some good teams if you pm me


Nice corrected sapphire tier team :+1:


plat 4 not getting much love?


There’s a plat 4?

Not sure if sapphire team will take anyone lower than 200 or 150, he hasn’t stated his participation lvl.
Plat4 is relaxing :relieved:

I looked at the leagues and it said it only goes to plat3 then skips down to gold

Lol yup, u probably better off going to plat4 first and see if u fit there


Ok. I’ll check it out

diamond 1 and 2
sapphire 1,2,3
platinum 1,2,3,4
gold 1,2,3,4,5
silver and bronze are something


Oh. My mistake :sweat_smile: I must have forgot


A 108 can get into Saphire these days. Sad times.

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I got into a sapphire two team at level 78 An year ago. :eyes:

Long ago with the old war system was still acceptable but I don’t know about now


I don’t see how it was ever that acceptable since their targets in PVP will be extremely limited and I’ve yet to see a team that is okay with backing every attack for a low level.


message me in LINE
(pink bunny)

They ask you to put out a taunter?


I’m level 108 with platinum divines. I can take up to level 210 and there are several players in all sapphire leagues beyond that level range

My team never has a problem backing every lower level. As long as they ask!

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