LFT-new to game but will play often

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Language: English
Time Zone: PST
Played time: 1 day
Age Range: 20+
Elite Account?: no
Dragon Roster Includes: I only have 4 right now
Highest Lineage Dragon: I don’t know what this means

I got a trainingteam in gold 3, let me know if you are interested.

If after one day you’ve found your way to the forums feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll give you a spot

Hey, NightSaviors has open spots. We are a friendly and active team. War participation is mandatory. But we do not like to overload our members with too many war in a week. Go ahead and message Areeuh and let her know that I sent you her way if you still need a team.

Hi BlackSwan! The Remnants are a Platinum 4 team with Atlas access and would love to welcome you to our team. Starting out in Platinum can be difficult but our teammates are all super helpful and supportive! We would help you learn and grow and avoid making any big mistakes that will hurt you later on. We’re dedicated to our team and teammates on a personal level and chat outside of game as well. Also a lot of our members are still learning how Atlas works so you wouldn’t be alone :slight_smile: we have members teaching each other and are part of the biggest Alliance around! We need active and reliable players who will make their war hits. Although we all understand that life comes first and will understand if you miss, we just ask for a heads up. I hope to hear from you!
With love from your friendly neighborhood Pancake :two_hearts:

DarkEagles will help you learn and love the game. No drama, good folks.

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