LFT P3 or P4 having Atlas

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Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – 192 KhunP1 to P3 or P4

I’m looking for team that almost achieve 1.2 sigils in the normal event.

Thank you

Language: English
Time Zone: Asia
Played time:
Age Range:
Elite Account?:
Dragon Roster Includes: Garnet
Highest Lineage Dragon:


HyruleDragons is currently recruiting and has a fresh post here.

We won’t hit the 1.2k sigils level though we usually get 7/8 or 6/8 on a good event.

NightofKnives we have a few castle and very activr clan… come join us

The 1.2k is usually a bit out of reach for lower platinum teams. I know s3 teams that never hit it in pvp. TheTenTaken is Plat 3 and get around 550 tokens from atlas per day. Check em out :v:

XxREBELLIOBSxX is looking for you.
Look at our recruiting thread also. Plat2 currently and spots available. Rebuilding towards 1.2k sigil prize

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