LFT - Paper lvl 684

Player Paper
Lvl 684
Total kills 91M

Language: NL/english
Time Zone: EU based
Played time: 6[or so] years
Age Range: any
Elite Account?: both
Dragon Roster Includes: Solarius, Perwog, Barbend
Highest Lineage Dragon: solarius

Looking for a atlas based team with minimal swaps.
Will get 8/8 and 5/5 any event.
Must be willing to accept shenanigans.


Noob player, 0/10 would not recommend


New number, who dis.


I’m surprised you didn’t include ‘Must be willing to accept shenanigans’ in the About

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War Enforcers may just about quality :eyes:

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I’d recommend Warenforcers but they do a lot of one sided swaps.


If a superstar of your high esteem would like to take on a old roots WD team that could benefit with a rebuild , rebranding of sorts let me know :blush:

That’s awesome :sunglasses:

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TheValar just got promoted to Sapphire II and could use some shenanigans

What are your opinions on scissors?


I do not recommend this player :shushing_face: but he is a noob friend :joy:

Id say his opinions on them are paper thin XD.

But with that aside, is there a preferred league youre looking for paper?

That was my question too, what league are you looking to play in?

We do have space if you’re looking…

We are pirates who are currently purely offensive. Leadership is anti-swap, only swaps are done if certain milestones are hit aka team did amazing job.

Of course :white_check_mark:

We run on jokes, hate mail, etc., I think shenanigans are encouraged :rofl:

If you got time to kill and scroll through here, you may notice how atlas active we are :point_down:
S1/D2 ♤ MadTeaParty ♤ Recruiting 550+

If you got questions shoot me a PM in game. Good luck finding the team right for you :wave:


That he can rock it? :joy:

In regards to his own safety we never told him about the existence of scissors, shhhh. :shushing_face:


I dont care much for language as long as people can communicate.

Any really.

What are s.c.i.s.s.o.r.s?


I have a friend that has started an albanian team , it has all ur requirements + albanian :joy: