LFT Plat 1 or Sapph 3


Level 194. Very active player. Looking for a team that does well in events and wars, communicates and just chats because, hey, we people. I have LINE/Discord/Facebook/etc.

Wont leave my current team until after event. Please be patient :pray:t5:


Language: English
Time Zone: GMT+8
Played time: Since 2016
Age Range: Adults
Elite Account?: Yeah
Dragon Roster Includes: Gunnar, Sylphen, Cuauhtli
Highest Lineage Dragon: Sekhem, Anapa, should have apophet next breeding event





Sorry lol its very hard to see when the screen is so tiny


Perhaps you need to mention your level as well.


I am also looking for a sapphire team, lvl 218


Make your own post. Dont mooch off of mine lmao


Fafnirsjustice is going plat 1. Come give us a holla


You might want to consider setting your sights a little lower, especially since you’re 194(emerald) and don’t have Apophet yet. Platinum 2/3 might be a safer bet while you catch up on your breeding :slight_smile:


Let me know if you’re still wanting to make a move after pvp. I think you’d fit in just great.



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