LFT plat 1 up to sapp 3?

Looking for team. I am level 102 and very active.

Language: English preferred
Time Zone: eastern standard time
Played time: ~120 days give or take.
Age Range: 20-30
Elite Account?: all f2p
Dragon Roster Includes: prospero, Gunnar, cav, etc.
Highest Lineage Dragon: jagra kulan

About: I used to play this game years ago when plat was the highest tier out but quit and lost my pocket ID. I came back into this game last year and have been playing very actively. Even though I don’t spend any money on this game I usually hit the 450 sigil prize reward in most events. Never missed a war and don’t plan on doing so.
I am looking for a team that hits the 1,200 sigil prize at least a couple times in the season and has atlas.


Please come check out NewbieNoobs :blush: we’re Platinum 2 with Atlas. We’d love to have you!

Hey same.

Hijacker :astonished:

Bumper, I appreciate all the offers but I am looking for a team that hits final team prizes and is plat 1 to sapp 3 along with at least 500+ tokens in atlas daily.

No offense but aiming a bit high for level…find a good team and grow with it

Level doesn’t equal skill or anything like that so why not aim high? 24m medals at level 102 shows my commitment and I am very experienced in the game. I’ve been in a couple plat 1-2 teams already so I can keep up with the league requirements no problem.

Well, best of luck to you :blush:

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