LFT- Plat - Level 78 xDoubleDx - Very Active

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Language: English
Time Zone: Central Time Zone
Played time:
Age Range: 1 year
Elite Account?: Of course
Dragon Roster Includes: Drakious, Leo, Chimerak, Nollaig
Highest Lineage Dragon:

About: Looking for a team that has fun but has a roster that completes all wars and events. I’m in the USA but love others from other countries to chat.

Hey there, we are looking to replace an alt in our team if you are interested in joining us. Team name is Bridgeburners and we are in Plat4, apply and we will make a space for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh and we have a mix of players globally


Questions? Mail me. I’m the leader.

Burningbreeze is looking to replace 2 members leaving for personal reasons. We are currently plat 4

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Check out NorthernEmpire. I think you’d be a good fit on our team. We are currently Plat IV

Nightofknives. Plat 3. There’s always an alt or two that can be replaced. We have players from level 12 to 300

I invite you to apply to NagaWarriors. We are currently Platinum 4, and we’ve got a great group of players, and I think you’d be a great fit ^^

Hope to see you there later!


I am looking to replace a player who is not doing their part

Would you be interested in joining a very active platinum team?

Team name


Give us a look. Plat 4 with a mix of players from around the world so there is usually always someone on.

RizingPhoenix is a plat 4 team looking for active members

Hey dude, check out FlamesFive. We have a great team who have lost a few players here and there and have picked up some less than active plYers. You want to become part of a good team/family let me know. You can messge me at ElvisDragonbrn. We don’t have Atlas yet but are a Platinum 3 team.




Have you seen my roster?

Gregory Brown

We’re a rebuilding used to be platinum 3 team, n9 atlas. In gold 1 and going on a war rampage once full. Line app required. Check out burningbreeze

Please checkout ancientnaga. We are a very active platinum 3 team moving up. We’re looking for very active players who perform well in events and complete wars. Contact LadyPunk or an officer. We’ll look at your stats and move you in.

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