LFT: Platinum I to Sapphire III - Level 128

Language: English
Time Zone: Central
Played time: 10 months, 5 days on this account (3 years on other lost account)
Age Range: 15
Elite Account?: No
Dragon Roster Includes: Gunnar, Dreth, Scorpa, Hyaku, Scorchil, Sekhem, Sho’Groth, Anapa, Kullecid, Ember
Highest Lineage Dragon: Anapa (Apophet next breeding)

Hello! I’m looking for a team ranging from Platinum I to Sapphire III. All I ask is that the team has Red’s breeding guide in the wiki. The team must also be drama-free and get all or almost all of the team prizes in events, as well as a level 9 or 10 team quest chest every event. The team must do guard swaps in Atlas, as I never have time to hunt glory on my own. If you feel like your team reaches or nearly reaches these requirements, or you have a team that does, please submit the team name in the replies below. Happy flying! :wave:t4:

What have you got to offer to the team?

My two cents: The good: You have done well with breeding. If you’re on Red’s Best, then you already have Hau…but it’s possible to breed Apophet before Hau so who knows.

The Bad: You have ALOT of divines for the level of the account. Did you finish any?

IMHO: You should stick with a high Platinum team. It will be tough going for you in Sapphire during PVP. Anyone in Sapphire that is flying less than Garnet divines could attest to that. Your future team would need to help you for a minimum of a season. If you haven’t been there, you’ll find the bases much tougher on the whole than Platinum. If you haven’t finished any divine dragon, alot of those listed will get retired pretty quickly.


I’m no freeloader. I’m a very dedicated team player, and I care about success of the team, and what the team does and does not get. I’m not selfish like most people are… and I may be just a level 128, but I’m not the “average” one. I’m pretty strong for my level, and I go up about 10-15 levels every fort event

No, I haven’t finished any. The discount would always end right as I get to Platinum stone. The space between platinum and garnet is the most expensive part. Everything after that is cheap. So I couldn’t get enough sigils to complete them. I actually find it pretty difficult to complete a divine branch. All of my other divines are only up to Platinum. The only one that will be going to Sapphire stone soon is Hyaku

So…you have that many divines because it’s too expensive (sigil wise)to continue? You’re going to wind up retiring the bulk of those divines because your level is going to grow should you get on a better team…especially a sapphire. I have an alt that is slightly above this account. I only have 3 divines, one that will retire in at garnet but the other two I finished. Next season, you at least have to finish one divine, IMHO. In a higher division, you won’t have a whole lot left to attack with. You get what I’m saying? Also, are you hording chests/rubies?


No. I have Dreth because he’s the discount. I have Scorpa because at the time, I didn’t have gold divines, and I wanted to try out Adaptive Resist. I got Gunnar, but also had started on Hildr (and stopped her at green tier). This was the TRUE time when I didn’t know any better than to only go for one divine. I got Hyaku because he’s the discount, although the discount STILL didn’t go too well because I’m not really good at gathering sigils. I got Sho’Groth because I wanted an invoker and was not going to pass up the chance to get one into my roster. I was contemplating stopping Hyaku and Sho’Groth after Kullecid came out. Now, I have him because he looks cool, and is (by experience) a very fun dragon to fly. If I do things next season how they’re SUPPOSED to be, and I STILL only get to around platinum stone on a divine, I’m stopping on seasons until I can actually get a sufficient amount of sigils to complete a single branch

And yes, I’m gathering as many chests and rubies as I can. But like I said, I may end up not doing any more seasons :man_shrugging:t4:

If I can bring this back to your LFT post…

I think that the best situation for what you need is a PL1/2 team because next week, you’re going to fly sapphire divines. Yes, you’re hitting much higher than your level but you may or may not have many divines that you can evolve past sapphire due to wanting the shiny new drags or whatever…that isn’t important. What is, it’s reasonable to think you’ll be into garnet divines within two forts…maybe three if you take your time. You won’t have many divines that you can evolve. Couple that with the tougher bases you’re going against, a sapphire team would not be doing you any favors by taking you. I can appreciate what you’re looking for…I think more patience is needed.


Ok. And yes, I’m taking my time now (as of yesterday), because I want to stay ahead of breeding like I was before. And I also want to hoard a bunch of timers

if you find how to do this and still progress as quickly as possible lmk


It’s easy. Just skip a bunch of fort events and keep grinding hard in atlas :joy:

Hoarding timers is not going to progress your base lol but rather halt you from growing.


Well, I’m fine with a break. If it means coming back stronger at a later time with my hoarded resources, then I’m fine :man_shrugging:t4: otherwise, I will be using timers in breeding events, but probably only on one or two dragons to ensure I still have enough to call it “hoarding”

Unless you can fly hauheset, I doubt that you can attack anyone in event if you’re in a sapphire team

Hauheset was actually my plan for the higher leagues :joy: ofc I could always come back to Platinum I or II if that doesn’t work out

I think platinum 2-3 team will suit you the most in this situation as you have a lot more low level base to attack in event and also an opportunity for you to learn atlas.


:thinking: Don’t P1 - S3 teams usually have high event requirement?


Yes. Our team does. What I meant is that I’m stopping on the divine branches. I’m not stopping on the actual events themself. Now if I happen to accumulate 30K sigils over the coarse of the season (like I never have :roll_eyes:), then I’ll get a divine of my choice

You’re prolly gonna want to stick to P2-3 until you’re 200+, possibly 300+ for Sapphire.
Sure, you may do ok and meet minimums at your level, but you will struggle in PVPs to do so (hitting very low, for low points, means a LOT more attacks needed to meet minimums).

Good luck :+1: