LFT - Platinum or Gold 1 or 2

**Looking for Team **
A bunch of us looking for a new team, all very active and participate in all wars and events. We are a nice chilled out bunch. Our last team collapsed under the weight of inactive. Prefer platinum or higher level gold, if possible. Not bothered about atlas. Mixed uk/us
Level 174, sapphire dragons
Level 151, sapphire
Level 117, platinum.
Level 64, gold
56, orange/green
64 green
37 blue.
Thanks for reading :blush:

Time Zone:
Played time:
Age Range:
Elite Account?:
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:


Come check us out on NwDragons we are always looking for active participants. Currently gold 2 as we are rebuilding

Hey There! Check us out KittyNSausage! We can kick a few alts to accommodate. Let me know.

We are Plat 3

Thanks I’ll take a look

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Your team looks great! Would the lower levels be ok?

We have room on WeLive4War. Check us out. We are Gold 1.


We are gold 1 and we can accommodate all of you before the event as we have a few Alts. One of you gets to be the officer as well.

Team name is MakeLoveNoWar. Let me know if you interest and we get this done. Hope to see you all fly with us in this event and kill some bases.

Check out Legionofgodz we are in P2

We’d be happy to be your host team. TheSeekers.

Dracoknights would be able to pick you all up. We are currently Plat 4 and looking for a few new active members.

We are rebuilding working are way back to platinum I have 7 open positions that I can place all of you in. The team name is HostileIntent I have several alts to kick and and have a low activity that needs to go so come fly with us and have fun and let’s go to the top together.


Check out IceWarriors if you get a chance

Thanks you everyone we have now found a team :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Look for DrakoElite in Platinum 1. We have Atlas and are a helpful, welcoming, and hardworking team

We have some open spots. We are fun, loyal, family oriented. We are active team. Our team name is Dragonage02

Take a look at 123Dragon we are a Gold 1 team with several open spots due to getting rid of our inactives! We place well in events and welcome all levels as long as they are active and can meet event requirements! We would love to have a group come to our great little team!

If interested please apply or message me in game! IGN: Paxala or our Leader: Zillios1

Hope to hear from you soon!

Check out our team, Ancienttigers . We are currently in Gold II but is working hard to moving up the tier. It would be beneficial and great if you could join us!

Hope to seeing you join our team! :slight_smile:

We are a gold 1 team I have enough spots to take all of you in. Look us up HostileIntent. We all fly together and we die together we are family and we take care of each other and we are constantly on all the time. So if you want family and to have fun come fly with us.

Thanks. Glen 2956

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