LFT - Platinum preferred

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Time Zone. Any. We are USA
Played time: over 1 1/2 years
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:
Dragon Roster Includes:Platinum
Highest Lineage Dragon: Sapphire

About: 3 active (2+alt) over level 100 who left Sapphire and Atlas. We don’t miss wars, we do chat. We want to play for enjoyment and not the constant more, more. If any interest, message me.

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FlashingDragon would love to have you join our family.


edit (Platinum 2) got so excited, I forgot to put this. :wink:

RiseofNations platinum 1 we can make room for you send me msg in game

@moderators could this be moved to recruitment please?

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We are only in Gold, but we would love to have you both, and your alt. I776

Very relaxed, wars are laid back, do what you do in events.

Fiercelngs would love to have you😁 Platinum 3. IG contact AngelicaLegend or Jewel7777

NightCircus is a new team made up of people who have played together for over a year. Since we are new we are in gold but expect to rise quickly once we are full. The majority of our players are used to plat2.

Look up SoloHunter, I created it 09/2015 for the purpose of not being a part of all the more more more you speak of. Message me and we can chat if you’d like.

I think our team BlazeCrest fits your criteria. Message our team leader Adam and he can give you more insight. Hope to see you on board.

OP has found a team.

Have you found a team? We are in gold until Tuesday then we move and stay platinum. We’re highly organized. Consistently hitting 250. Well defended. We need to replace a few low alternates. Contact DragonSpellZ or FUitsSID

Think so

HexLords would love to have you join our family, we’re an very active friendly team in Platinum

Check out Ancientblood and msg me if you want to join us. We will be happy to have u in our team. I will make a space for all of 3. Just text in a game. Thanks

Darkonia is currently Gold but will soon be Platinum after next week. We have room for 4 at the moment.

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