LFT Prefer Sapph+ Pathox VanStone


Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – 139 Kittiez – Sapphire 3 to Sapphire 3-1


Language: English
Time Zone: EST
Played time: tons, not sure where to find this. I’m on daily.
Age Range: 28
Elite Account?: 1 year+ of elite time
Dragon Roster Includes: Pathox(to vanguard), Somnus(to plat), Tez(to plat), Cavaleris, Sylphen
Highest Lineage Dragon: plat for now.

About: Was comfortably sitting in sapph 3, very familiar with atlas. previous team had 14 castles and i was maintaining 50k troops+. I’m very knowledgeable in the game, and am growing fast. I’m event focused (prefer a team that gets max team achievement reward weekly), I never miss wars, I always work on team chests (prefer a team that can get level 10, but not mandatory). I’m active in atlas (maxed malus, close to finishing wind elite gear for pathox) and I’m a fun lovey-dovey person that has no interest in being involved in drama. Please contact me if you’re interested, by investing in me you’re investing in a strong player that will dominate the battlegrounds (especially as I continue to level up and get into higher tiers!). I normally always have atlas elite as well, although I just lost it and am waiting on my next paycheck to pick it back up! :slight_smile:


Unironically thinking 50k troops is a lot to maintain :speak_no_evil:


I never said it was a lot. It’s just what was expected of me at the time.


I’m just trolling along lol, game is impossible atm :joy: you do more in atlas than me


shh i am just enjoying my free 1 day atlas elite don’t tell anyone


I really enjoy the game, I literally wake up first thing in the morning and get on the phone to do war dragons. Sometimes I’m on it for a few hours straight. I’m normally late to my classes for that reason (but don’t tell my prof, I just tell them I was stuck in traffic haha).


if you look for team right now you can’t participate in PvP event. Please be careful. This is first event of season.


omg same xD also enjoying the free new portrait xD
I trolled my current team telling them I got a vanguard egg and it was gunnar and I got everything free that was before my portrait.
I already can’t participate in this event as was not in a team at the beginning of event.
I’d be happy to wait till event is over to join the right team however. Just trying to get my name out there at this point :slight_smile:


You seem like you’ll get far :joy: hang around the forums… sadly I won’t get to see that chipper attitude until you’re at least level 300


I know, tons of teams require higher levels. I can’t wait to get there because I’m gonna be an absolute powerhouse :wink:
I’ve been on the forums a bit, tbh wish the forums were a bit more active actually xD


Join an empty team in bronze at least you’ll get to participate


That doesn’t work, I’m completely unable to participate in this event unless I rejoin my old team. Can’t even get personal points.

Still looking for a team if anyone out there is interested :slightly_smiling_face:
Ready to join whenever.


We’re not exactly what you’re looking for but, you might enjoy flying with us nonetheless. Check our the NoK’s recruitment post: LFM – Plat 2 – NightOfKnives – lvl 70+


HERExBExDRAGON is a Platinum 2 team (pushing into P1) that is currently recruiting (100+ Preferred). We have so many valuable things to offer you. A few of them are as follows

• 800+ egg tokens a day just for logging in

• Organized War and Resource Sharing • War Waves and Teamwork

• Atlas, with 7 castles and every element available

• Players from Orange to Obsidian (Harbinger next event) for support

• A tight-knit family vibe and experience

These are only a few things we have to offer, the list can go on and on. There is something for everyone at HBD.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask. I’m always available.

Truely, N0t3b00kxHBDx

(IGN) (yes they are zeroes)

Head Recruiter

LINE: not3b00k (last 2 are zeroes) or Facebook Messenger


Many Saph teams likely want you to be in a higher dragon tier at your level. Are you getting Sapphires next breed?


If not, then I’ll be very very close. I was already in a Sapph team for the past month and a half or so, so I know how at least that team functions. :slight_smile:


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