LFT (Sapphier+) 170 Garnet


Elite Account?: Yea
Dragon Roster Includes: Necryx, Fom, Hau, Forstbite…
Highest Lineage Dragon: Frost (Garnet)

Hi I’m lvl 155 currently in a sapphire 1 team but looking to move after this event for various reasons. I do well in events, often over 15k in breeding and always reach the last team achievement during PvP’s. Would like a team that matches my activity and is able to get that 1.2k sigils achievement most events.

If interested either contact me here or ingame, preferably message me a description of your team and leave your line ID so we can talk more freely in a chat.

Thanks in advance.


4vengeance…we are recruiting…sapphire 2


SKYOVERDREAM may be able to get you in! We’re in Sapphire 2 and do very well in events. Apply and mail our leader to see the soonest you could be accepted!
Hope you get in!


You should speak to your leader. I read your post last week as I looked for team and mail the leader. He said the team was full


Hi I’m kc from nightofkniveswe are a plat 2 team working our way up. Active in wars and events. We have been making changes and need active players that like a laid back atmosphere. If interested or want to talk messag PapaBeef. I’m new to officer ranks so new to recruiting. If you like to be part of team growing and moving up give us a shout out.


Hi, I think CharredRunes S II might be a good fit for you, we are top 100 in atlas, achieve max team achievement every single minor event and most of us are obsessed with improving. Link to our recruiting page and even though you aren’t 200 yet, still apply, we would love to have you!


Hi, thanks to everyone who sent an invite, I’d like to reopen this thread due to the fact that the team I joined lied about their event performance.

I’d like a team that hits the last team archivement at the very least every breeding and fort. Please dont bother sending invites if your team cant easily manage this.

Updates on my account:
Currently 170, should be getting emerald in 2 or 3 breedings.



Shouldn’t you update the title as well?
I mean with updated level, it will be a bit more flashy :sunglasses:


Lol marketing :rofl:


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