LFT Sapphire 3 Thanks

Time Zone: Any Timezone
Played time: 11 months
Age Range: Any
Elite Account?: F2P since February(used to buy normal elite)
Dragon Roster Includes: Artisans,Nock,Aerow,Telment,Barbie
Highest Lineage Dragon:Artisan(would have been monarch if i kept on buying main game elite)

What I look for:
Never miss 8/8 team event and level 9 chests or higher ever.
Sapphire 3 only (Sandbagging sap 3 team would be perfect as my lineup for CC isnt done yet.)lols
1500+ egg tokens daily (excluding tier)
Atlas focused or not I do not mind.
Will give me bank access.I farm gold all day.I would not take what I did not farm.
Active chat or not is fine.As I alone can fill the chat lmao.
Team that is probably has been together for quite some time.
High activity team 80++ please
I do not care which side.Dread side,Non dread side,No sides,Side by side hahahaha

What I can do:
I never missed 8/8 and 5/5.
Minimum 2m kills per month on atlas.
I will defend all atlas banners I see.As long as its winnable.Level 400 being hit by a 500 I will probably not defend it.
I can only put one def primarch for now until my trapper reach gold probably next season.
Will donate 1m gold weekly.
If you need me to hit a team 100 times a day I can do it.I do not know if my troops can do it though lmao as I am f2p.
I can notify team every 5 mins of any event or round changes.I play 8-18 hours a day for the last 11 months.
I will notify team if I cannot log in.

Account details:
LVL 540
DP:30b only atm
Artisan tier
174m medals

S2 Lvl 14 trapper
G1 lvl 1 Taunter
G2 lvl 1 destroyer
S2 lvl 2 Sieger
Focusing on sieger and trapper.making them g1 hopefully in the next 40-50 days.

Usual event score:
CC 600k+
Temple 409k+
Gauntlet 409k+
Fight pits 180-450k(depending on rss available)

If you think you are what I am looking for and if I meet your team requirements pls send me a message here or in game as I need a team after fort.Please please please.Do not wanna be teamless.

Thanks and God bless.

I forgot to add I somehow bring a lot of trouble.I farm a lot of people.I hit a lot of teams in atlas.I get messages and my leader will receive a lot too probably.


Hello does D1 count as S3?


Hell no bro.hahahaha as much as I like your team.I will have zero score on CC event lmao.
You probably explode gustav island in 5 mins during gauntlet as well hahahaha.
But it would be very beneficial during temple raid to have a team as active as yours bro

You’ll probably fit perfect in a pirate team. Maybe try MadTeaParty. They are in S2 but by reading on what you’re looking for they’re your fit.

Alternative: 1nsan3J0k3rs

This makes me l o l. Anyway, good luck searching.


Yikes. Jokers > MTP

Thank you for the mention! I appreciate it :hugs:

However this :point_up_2: is a no go. We do have a bonus which fluctuates, but as we strive for offense over defense, our bonus is not that high yet.

Good luck, you seem like a decent player from our brief interactions, so best of luck you find what you are looking for.

And lastly if you, now or in the future, decide we might be your cup of tea, hit me up in game. See ya around!


…EXCUSE ME? :triumph:

Imma have a word with you Mono :rofl:


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Full pirates pass and go castles all the time right?
What happened on their bank?is it almost always just empty?I wonder how it works.

All pirates that I know own castles, nowadays it means no alliance affiliation pretty much. Though there are different types of pirates in how you hold castles. Some hold it with 0 guards and move castle to castle, some hold with few guards and few troops to try and not be a glory target, and others hold their castles like any other team but minus the alliance support.

And bank depends on the team, those that are at risk of castle being stolen never keep gold in the bank, others would depend on team I presume.


I see.so i cannot go to pirates team with always empty bank.People I farm revenges all the time so i cannot keep them neither.

Thanks for the infos

You can check out TheDogHouse we have 2 place available and we fill most of the criteria you ask for and vice versa.
Pm if you have any enquiry.