LFT– sapphire team asap IGN Yaba4Daba2Do0

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**Looking for Team (Applying)

I am a lvl98,; Yaba4Daba2Do0 is my name ;looking for sapphire league only;Language is English;
Eastern time zone ;played 2 years; looking for 18+ ;my strongest lineage dragon is Krysos in gold at the moment necryx is my strongest dragon always active never miss war or events and very active with atlas
Time Zone:eastern
Played time:2 years
Age Range: 18
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes:necryx kinnaris sage Abraxxas bander leos fractis Krysos

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Highest Lineage Dragon:Krysos

About:I’m very active in war and events never missed a single one looking for a sapphire team that is active in atlas current team has some members not so fond of it so looking for a team more into atlas

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Probably dropping out if saphire due to low level players

Had a few players go missing during a war unfortunately that’s all and not many at all active on atlas

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