[LFT] Seeking Refuge, Taking a Break

As evinced by the title, I am taking a break from the game after the upcoming major (PvP) event; if you keep up with my postings, more information on that will be out in the days to come. I only anticipate it to be a brief hiatus, but that may change. Nevertheless, the type of team I’m searching for is pretty obvious, but here’s a basic sketch just in case:

- team should be relaxed and rule-free
- team should be able to accept inactivity, and preferably not be a ghost town itself (to the extent that every time I log on, I would be the only member online, or that event rewards are low for the team)
- team should have Atlas access
- team should not be lower in league than Platinum IV, preferably Platinum III or higher (just don’t be in any of the gold leagues)
- team should have no problem with an unannounced departure from the team, since it would be an inactive team that I would only be using as leverage (I may still announce it because I’m not that heinous, but it shouldn’t be an expectation)


Omg :scream::scream::scream: no, no, no

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You can check us out, Ironages. I can easily explain to our leader that you’re taking a break from the game for a bit but its not a permit thing.

But if you dont want to join us, i wish you the best of finding a kick ass team that is as great as you :slight_smile:

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Join RetirementHere, P3, no requriements with Atlas access. Not completely inactive as a team, but nice and chill. If you get autokicked, just reapply.

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I’d recommend xploose. That said, sudden departure just out of politeness deserves a warning, no matter the team.