LFT - thanks everyone I found a team

Lvl 280
Name: AyeYoureCute
current league : p3
Preferred league : p3

Language: English ou Français
Time Zone: Eastern TimeZone
Played time: a little over 2 months now
Age Range: 47
Elite Account?: yes both
Highest Lineage Dragon: harbinger

About: looking for preferably 18+ team, very active, fun team that does active recruitment and doesn’t keep dead wait because they are family. 8/8 , 5/5

2 months and level 280 already wow, what are your prims?


There’s alot of teams that are looking for people.

Just to name a few, figured a few plat 2 teams would like to have you as well


It’s possible. I dunno about the OP, but I had created a mini years back & parked it at level 20 then. I just started playing it again & spent some bucks on that account. After 3 forts it grew from level 20 to 220.

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Ah okay, I just remember playing actively for 8-9 months to reach harbinger, gaining only like 10 levels per fort during the begining levels lol
Ofc fully free to play


Gosh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush::orange_heart: Thanks so much SoulStealer! I totally wasn’t slacking away at pokemon unite :sweat_smile:

Lol :joy: Umm…TRT doesn’t achieve 8/8. Yet! We’re totally trying and getting closer every event!

05forlife is a pretty active team too! I’ve seen them a few times on Atlas. Their Leader is always around :ghost:

WildasPhoenix is P3 and they’ve gone pirate for a bit if that’s your interest :pirate_flag:

VikingsDK scored 8/8 in the first 2 events of the season! Go Vikings :partying_face:

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:eyes::roll_eyes: :badger: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Right? Right?! Ack! Tomorrow is Crystal Caves, but I wanna increase my trainer level and collect more pokemonssss :joy::rofl::rofl:

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Trapper bronze lvl 12
Destroyer silver 1 lvl 3
Taunter bronze lvl 7 but can be upgraded 23.8k/10.7k glory
Sieger bronze lvl 10 but can be upgraded 36.2k/12.6k glory

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Dang that’s wildly impressive!

Darksiders316 would love to have you! We are P1 and an 8/8 5/5 team. Tbh not many P3 or even P2 teams are 8/8, so you would be perfect here!

Hope you consider us! :slight_smile:

I looked you up and wow, I would be a grunt compared to your others members, also never been pass p3. What is you league like ? All high lvl or some grunts on other teams. Also I never actively attacked or sniped a castle and just recently lvl up to current lvl during breeding.
Feel free to dm me in game

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That’s not bad for someone who just started playing 2 months ago wow

They’re a good team that will help you along the way and you’ll grow way faster

take the offer :crazy_face: