LFT - Too Active For My Own Good

I don’t play much on Saturdays, but otherwise I’m on whenever I’m not tending to the kiddos or at work. Screentime says my daily average is about 2 hours. Posting this may get be booted from my current team, and it’s nothing personal…they’re awesome people…but there’s just very rarely somebody online when I’m playing.

I’m a chatterbox. I like social playing, drinking, and learning better tactics. I’m also a dirty minded freak and a metalhead, so I usually mind my mouth until I know the people I’m around.

I’ve been playing for about a month now and I’m fully addicted. I have a fighter and a destroyer, I’m almost done with the atlas rider, and I’m halfway through the seasonal hunter. I just bred Garzev and Gaspar. I’m averaging 600K+++ medals per week, and I’m only level 37.

I’m not really concerned about which league I’m in, as long as I’m around active, social players. I would like to keep atlas, so that I can at least finish the rider, but I don’t care if we have castles or not.

If I sound like I would be a good fit for your team, then shoot me a message in game.


We have a metalhead on our team, would love to challenge him :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
We also adore WD babies
We are not ambitious
We are fairly lazy
We have a fierce leader

Hi There,

I think you would enjoy my Alternate team Vicious Outcast. Mostly Americans with a couple Aussies and a couple ppl from the UK. Very active in line & also love to have a good chat! We are rebuilding the team and looking for active players. Search for ViciousOutcast look for the Officer FriskyWombat (it may changeafter breeding) and message her. Wombat is one of our main Officers she can add you. Don’t be put off by the min size, you’re already well in advance for your breeding vs level.

Check out pyromancers. We have a fantastic and chatty group. Gold 1. Tend to be top 5 in nearly every event.

Have you tried Dreadnaught? They are always looking for up and coming players.


Lol yeah are they recruiting for noobs now?

We know the challenges of having kiddos and work and if you haven’t picked a home come checkout playforfun, lots of chat and lots of help here and a good place vent when the kids are driving you up the wall lol

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