LFT- Two people levels 80, and 84

Please lock this! No longer needed!

As luck might have it, there are a number of members of my team, Brightsparkz, who came over to get away from drama (including myself - 4 months drama-free and loving it!). We are Plat3, but sorry, no Atlas. We are definitely a chatty bunch, both on TC and on LINE. Check us out and let me know if your’e interested. We have a few alts we can swap out.

I’ll throw a plug in for us, climbing to P4 atm, no Atlas until, hopefully, the next rollout. Check out I776 :+1:

Check out EndlessMayhem, P4. We need new motivated players to replace the deadweights and some alts. We do not have atlas yet but still waiting on that update. We use line and in game chats to communicate. We are family oriented and like to laugh and cut up. Wars are a must and event participation. So check us out in game and apply or message our leader in game, BuddhaMayhem. Ty😊

We are looking for people to replace our alts we are a platinum 3 team with atlas… furious rebels is our team name your level is a little low but feel free to email our leader

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